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Yeah, I'm fabulous

Please try hard to never forget it.

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Birthdate:Aug 17
Location:Cincinnati, Ohio, United States of America
Website:Scarlet Daydreams

  1. Max is a 23 year-old headstrong idiot (at times) who never fails to get exactly what she wants. Doesn't matter how long it takes, just know that I WILL get it.

  2. Max can be an elitist bitch, but won't be here.

  3. Max is intelligent. But it really depends on the month.

  4. Max is not psychic. She may fool you into believing that she is.

  5. Max is loving. Here, let her love you. ;)

  6. Max is a flirt. You will have fun with this.

  7. Max can suffocate you if neither of you are careful.

  8. Max can be stand-offish.

  9. Max loves smut.

  10. ...Left for something later on. I'll figure it out here in a bit.


  1. Max is very single.

  2. She's also career-obsessed and you'll occasionally catch her ranting about this.

  3. Warning: Max talks a really fast game.

  4. Warning: Don't try labeling Max.


  1. Max is a web designer by trade.

  2. She's a graphic designer by happenstance.

  3. She's an artist because she likes being well-rounded.

  4. She's a promoter.

  5. She's a marketer, not by choice, but by necessity.

  6. She's a writer by pure accident.

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